We approached Enamoured Iris to head up the video production for Norwood Industries’ rebranding campaign. Norwood was changing, and so was the Australian marketplace. We needed to re-position our brand to reflect the innovative forms of printing we do for corporate and commercial clients.

Video was forming a key part of our new marketing approach and together, we forged a vision that would embody our shifting business model yet remain faithful to the company’s core ideals.

Like all our strategic partners, we have a long standing relationship with Enamored Iris. Most of the time we spend together is actually spent sitting though. Ironic really. Perhaps that’s how we do our best work.

It was during one of these times that was had the inspiration for this project. As usual, we threw around lots of ideas before settling on one that would make our brand more relatable by tapping into a key pain point. Something that everyone can empathise with. A frustration that’s at the root of every workplace printer confrontation. There’s nothing like a shared struggle to bring people together.

And what better way to capture it than with a playful homage to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey? The theme of human v. machine conflict perfectly expresses the disconnect between the protagonist and the source of his quest. To push the hero’s journey archetype even further we littered it with Tarantino-style references of classic hero moments in film history.

The tagline “Print without drama” came organically; cementing Norwood’s vision as one of Australia’s leading print companies.