Hortivations is a trade exhibition run by Ball Australian in order to showcase upcoming plants, new ideas and emerging trends. Norwood was a key sponsor in 2011,. We based their around bees and their importance to the horticultural industry. As part of the overall package our industrial designers came up with 3D, DIY, puzzle that when assembled created the bee model in these photographs. It was that popular we still use them as a handout to clients today.

For this photoshoot, we had decided that a bee farm would be the perfect setting and we had managed to get Tom to agree to work in a bee infested zone. Luckily for Tom, after speaking with John at Pure Peninsula Honey, all the bees had gone north for the winter. That and Johns recommendation not to shoot with live bees anyway. Purely down to the fact we wouldl probably be stung horribly.

John being quite the personality had also offered to model. He gets to do it a lot by the looks of the paper clippings in his office, but he had never done a shoot like this. As you can see the Norwood bee is still going strong and you will even be able to get them from his store soon! Otherwise send us an email and we would be happy to get one out to you!