YGAP’s 5cent campaign inspires everyday Australians to take a stand against one of the root causes of global poverty. The innovative fundraising campaign helps them put value back into the five-cent coin and ensures that every child has access to education.

YGAP started the 5cent campaign in 2012. In just four years, 5cent has rallied Australians to collect almost 11 million five-cent coins and the $546,985 raised, has helped YGAP support 212 local heroes change the lives of 139,159 people living in poverty.

In 2015 we were approached by YGAP to help print the 5 cent collection boxes. We jumped at the chance to help out this great cause. We also offered to go one step further as we wanted to help get the 5-cent campaign achieve its biggest year ever. After a few meetings at YGAP’s Feast of Merit, we decided that we would also design, print and deliver media packs to local celebrities and supporters.

Hamish, one of our industrial designers, designed a box that had a false lid with an actual 5cent coin glued to it. Inside, we included a collection of information leaflets and supporting documents along with a few collection boxes to kick-start the campaign. The media pack was a hit! It helped YGAP in raising $171,150 and even got some compliments on the morning segment of Fox 100, which is one of Melbourne’s largest radio stations.

For this photography shoot Tom, our photographer, kindly took one of the media packs over to Cambodia. He carefully stowed it away in his luggage as he made his way around for three weeks waiting for the right time to shoot. In the middle of the jungle, a local family Tom visits every year during his photography tours said they would love to help out. The kids were so excited and had a ball running around and playing with the pack. This is the exact type of community YGAP aims to help and it is fantastic they could be a part of this. Suffice to say next time Tom visits, he will be carrying some lovely gifts.