The Norwood pop-out A4 plastic plane landed at PacPrint in 2006, much to the delight of those in attendance. It was designed as a bit of fun to showcase the beauty, durability and flexibility of plastic in creating an impact in the crowded market but who would have thought it was to become such a runaway success?

Developed as a pop-out, the plane was inserted in the “Desktop” magazine. This prompted requests for additional planes and other designs which flew in the post to destinations in Australia and overseas.

This year, to mark the 10-year anniversary we decided to give it a makeover and re-release it in order to remind our customers why we make paper look ‘plane’.

• Why were the plastic pop-outs so successful? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that:

• Three dimensional objects stand out from the rest of the crowd;

• Interactive designs stimulate thinking;